• http://twitter.com/m2m00 Marcus Lange

    Agreed. what a lack of quality control!?

    Not to mention the massive difference between the content margins left and right too!

  • http://disappointment.com Jon Blyth

    Her face is too close to the box, too. It feels like she’s under box-attack

    • SRJ

      She’s swinging her face against the box 😛 Why is she on a swing while it’s raining anyway? And what’s to smile about that? And more importantly; what does this all have to do with finding friends online?

  • Will

    Asymmetrical vertical spacing is a long standing best practise in book design, with the lower margin being 50% larger, so that I can forgive. I don’t see a soft border on the buttons but rather skeuomophic 3D bevel to make the button appear pressable, the actual edge is just as crisp. Just playing devils advocate. Saying that, the drop off on the footer is pretty unforgivable.

    • Joey Rabbitt

      Regardless of bottom margin styles on text, the padding inside the glassy box is inconsistent around all the edges, and the top edge is made more noticeable by that double margin under the opening paragraph. With the harsh / soft borders, it’s not so much that the buttons are “soft” on their own, it’s that the border around the inputs is so strong compared with the other elements that it looks out of place.

      • Will

        Yeah I see what you mean, the contrast is inconsistent. And the wacky lateral padding is annoying. I also agree with Jacob about the chain. The overall sentiment that Facebook can do better is clear as day. You should make design tear downs a regular feature.

  • Jacob Coy

    The text overlapping the chain of the swing bugs me. Makes it hard to read, could of blurred anything behind the content holder.

  • http://twitter.com/tomkiss Tom Kiss

    Nice teardown!

    Agree with Will in regards to the asymmetrical vertical spacing, doesn’t really bother me too much. That intro copy is truly terrible. In the grand scheme of things though, all these problems are not *too* bad. 

    It’s a sprinkling of mediocrity across the page. These things grate across our eyeballs, but most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid. 
    Like, those people who had absolutely no problem using MySpace for a good 4 years in the state it was in.

  • jimmygog

    An intern just got fired… I agree with jacob, the chain thing is the most glaringly annoying thing about that.

  • tabblack

    I 100% agree with your findings.
    but where i can find this new FB page…?

  • John Arciga

    wow bitch please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000215227757 Lou Martin L Jauculan

    nice one…..

  • http://twitter.com/harr1e Harrie Lambert

    I am loving this artcle… it’s only when you look deep into something that you realise that it wasn’t done properly in the first place. Good analysis!

  • Craig

    Facebook has never been about web trends or stylistic.
    They follow suit and have the most poorly designed pages on the web . . . i like your break down though. Very Funny my aquaintance from another place!

  • http://twitter.com/paulaborowska Paula Borowska

    Wow this is so sad. I don’t like Facebook to being with, but this is just pathetic. Also, this is just a blunt copy of Twitter’s page; seriously WTF!

  • shivam sharma

    kuch nahi

  • manu krishnan

    i cant able to access my account

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