PlayStation App Concept Redesign

A conceptual redesign of the PlayStation App, looking to enhance the interface and user experience.

Last year I restructured the information architecture and interface design of the PS4 companion app (version 1.0) as a project in my spare time.

App Concept Mockups

Summary of changes

  • Interface style which aligns with PS4 UI and PlayStation digital products.
  • Familiar design patterns, optimised for iOS.
  • More intuitive information architecture:
    • What’s New – Up to date, personalised news feed
    • My PSN – Everything personal to the user
    • Explore – Everything globally offered by PlayStation
    • PS4 Connect – Companion App features
  • More visual “What’s New” feed with content up front instead of behind several screens.
  • Simplified notifications panel.
  • Quick access to messaging.
  • More personalised profile page.


Below is a partial prototype to illustrate key navigation points, hence not everything is interactive.

Note: This is purely for fun! It is not affiliated with the official features or design of the app.