Was Breaking Bad inspired by The Simpsons?

I just realised that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan may well have been influenced by The Simpsons while writing his masterpiece TV series.


As a long-time fan of The Simpsons and a recent Breaking Bad convert, I’m surprised I didn’t notice this sooner. While re-watching Homer Vs The Eighteenth Amendment, an episode where Homer adopts an alternate persona as The Beer Baron and is chased down by hero cop, Rex Banner, I noticed some obvious comparisons between the two:

1. Protagonist is motivated by the equivalent of a death sentence


2. Protagonist adopts Stetson hat and pseudonym


3. Protagonist is chased by hero cop


4. Protagonist and sidekick illegally source their ingredients


5. Protagonist hides double life from his wife


6. Local business is a front for distribution of product


7. Protagonist partners with local distributor


8. Initial ingredients run out so they scale up the operation


9. Hero cop fails to see the protagonist right under his nose


10. Wife finds out about his double life and keeps quiet


11. Wife asks protagonist to quit his double life


12. Protagonist leaves a legacy among peers


  • Mason Dahl

    Loved reading this!

  • amanda

    Thats amazing! I thought the same things (and its 2014 now)
    I have two more things to say (forgive my english):

    1 – Marge said to Homer : “you´ve made some money and had the fun of being a wanted criminal, why not quit now? While you´re ahead.”
    it really related to the time when skyler asked walter to stop, after making so much money. I it also reminded me of how walter loved being an important, wanted criminal.

    2 – the episode mentions a few times about how a law can be broken if it´s considered stupid. Walter once discussed that with Hank.

    • http://joeyrabbitt.com/ Joey Rabbitt

      Yes, it fits so well 🙂

  • ceiga

    Very nice, I never really saw the comparison until now.

  • http://www.idiwa.net idiwa

    Battlestar Galatica is also totally based on Emmerdale.